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Redcon1-Breach Ballistic 30servings


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Breach Ballistic is the next generation in BCAA formulas, now with the added benefit of caffeine and antioxidants. Breach Ballistic dramatically aids in recovery, performance, and is shown to decrease a considerable amount of muscle soreness. With the added brain enhancers it makes for a highly effective performance drink that can be consumed throughout the day to build muscle and keep you mentally locked in to perform at your best – regardless of the task at hand.

BCAA’s account for 1/3 of muscle tissue. Simply put, if you are not supplementing with BCAA’s you are not maximizing your performance. And as a serious weight trainer or athlete we are constantly breaking down muscle tissue through exercise making Breach Ballistic a necessary staple inServing Size
Serving Size: 1 Scoop (10.5g)

Container Size: 2000g <br /> Serving Size: 3 scoops (150g) <br /> Servings Per Container: 13 <br /> <br /> Container Size: 4000g <br /> Serving Size: 3 scoops (150g) <br /> Servings Per Container: 26 <br /> <br /> Amount Per Serving: <br /> <br /> Total Calories: 538<br /> Protein: 50g<br /> Total Carbohydrates: 78g<br /> -Sugars: 11g<br /> -Dietary Fibre: 1.7g<br /> Fat: 2g<br /> <br /> Vitamins and Minerals:<br /> Sodium: 741g<br /> Potassium: 202mg<br /> Vitamin A (Retinol): 375ugRE<br /> Vitamin B1 (Thiamin): 0.5mg<br /> Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin): 0.6mg<br /> Vitmain B6: 0.8mg<br /> Nicotinamide: 6.8mg<br /> Vitamin B12: 0.4mcg<br /> Vitamin D (Calciferol): 1.9mcg<br /> Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): 23mg<br /> Niacin: 6.8mg<br /> Vitamin E (Alpha-Topopherol): 3.8mgTE<br /> Pantothenic Acid: 1.5mg<br /> Folic Acid: 75mcg<br /> Biotin: 30mcg<br /> Calcium: 243mg<br /> Magnesium: 42mg<br /> Phosphorus: 460mg<br /> Hyperbolic Stack (14,300mg)<br /> -Creabolic Stack - Creatine monohydrate & Di-Creatine Malate<br /> -mTOR Activator - BCAA
Increase Energy & Recovery
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