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Intermediate Muscle Stack – Alphaform Labs


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SAVE 20% when you buy this stack – comparable to buying individually.

Trinity of highly potent SARMs
Powerful mass building stack
Helps increase muscle mass and size
Improves muscle conditioning and definition
Helps boost testosterone and libido levels
Improves stamina and vascularity
Increase muscle hardness and recovery
Increases lean muscle mass
Reduces body fat and weight
Gain rock hard ripped physique

Upto 10kg of muscle in 12 weeks can be achieved on this stack. LGD, MK Extreme-677, and RAD-140 are some of the most powerful Sarms for muscle gains. The Alphaform Labs Intermediate Muscle Stack is unarguably the easiest and best way to optimise every critical muscle building hormone in your body by addressing every single and important natural pathway for muscle growth and development. Try the Intermediate Muscle Stack now and put all your limits to the test and perform at your best! *** Please note a PCT MUST be used after an LGD cycle
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