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Himalaya Herbals- MENTAT Enhances Memory 50 Capsules


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Mentat is a unique all-natural multi-ingredient formula that promotes brain health. It is safe and gentle and assists the brain with cognitive tasks and functions. It supports the natural ability of the healthy brain and nervous system to readily store and recall information. It is also a calmative and provides a relaxed feeling.

Benefits of Mentat
Mentat supports normal memory and attention span
Mentat is a safe and gentle, natural nervine tonic
Mentat reduces common memory problems and absentmindedness commonly associated with the normal aging process
Mentat is a natural and safe calming product.
Mentat has anti-oxidants which help support brain cell integrity

Mentat supports brain function in normal and demanding situations of life. The benefits of taking Mentat daily have been demonstrated in a broad range of cases. Mentat is beneficial to both adults and children.

Bacopa monnieri - helps to maintain memory with age decline and to preserve cognitive function Centella asiatica (l.) Urb. (common name: gotu kola, brahmi, asiatic pennywort, antanan pegaga) - helps to maintain a good cognitive performance Withania somnifera root - has a general rejuvenating effect Ashwagandha root (withania somnifera) - has adaptogenic properties Withania somnifera root - helps the body to deal with stress. -helps maintain mental balance; supports mental function in the elderly; supports the onset of sleep Nardostachys jatamansi rhizome - helps to maintain balance in the nervous system Acorus calamus - helps to support the digestion Tinospora cordifolia stem - strengthens the immune system Emblica officinalis - helps to support the digestion Mucuna pruriens- Seed - supports the immune system Elettaria cardamomum seed - supports the function of the nervous system Terminalia arjuna bark - supports the health of the heart Ginger (zingiber officinale) - contributes to enhancement of vitality/energy Syzygium aramaticum - flower bud - helps maintain a healthy digestion.
Mentat is a mental fitness formula that supports brain function in both normal and demanding situations. Nervine tonic Nardostachys jatamansi helps maintain alertness of nervous system Soothing effect on mind Helps to maintain balance of nervous system
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